Fatherhood Press Release

By: Dr. William Stewart & Matt Rodriquez

Teleios Inc. conducted a survey about fatherhood on 4 Instagram accounts: 3 frequented mostly by Christians and 1 by more secular individuals. From 837 responses, the majority were: <18 (49%) or 18-35 years (43%), and primarily from the United States (67%) and Europe (9%). The respondents identified themselves as either: evangelical Christians (66%), social Christians (22%), Christian seekers (5%) and non-Christians (8%).

Our results showed that evangelicals more often were raised in homes with a nuclear family with their own birth father (74%, P<0.0001).

Wellbeing (self-ranked scores 0-6 with 6 being highest) was greater with respondents who communicated with their father in person (4.7) or by social media (4.7) and communicated at least once  daily (4.7, P<0.006). However, wellbeing was not different between those who did or did not have a father in the home (P=0.11). In general, evangelicals had better wellbeing (4.7) than the other three religious groups studied (P=0.031).

Those <18 years were more apt to communicate with their father in person and daily (P<0.0001).

A plurality of participants correctly identified the biblical purpose of marriage was to reflect the relationship between Christ and the church (43%); while secondarily they chose the love between a man and a woman (29%).

Participants most commonly noted that a father should raise their children to be godly (71%) and that children should honor their parents (75%). They indicated also they learned from their father: to work (80%), study hard (64%), and dedicate themselves to the family (62%).

Participants noted that a man can best prepare himself for marriage by practicing the Christian faith (75%) and learning God’s word (67%). Participants also indicated that God’s relationship with believers most teaches us about fatherhood by His love, patience and kindness (78%).

All the findings of the survey can be found here as well as other findings from Teleios Research are on our website.

About Teleios
Teleios is a non-profit foundation, seeks to demonstrate the truth of Scripture and the Christian faith through the scientific method by providing evidence for the positive results of a biblically-based lifestyle. Prior studies conducted by Teleios have shown that the practice of the Christian faith (praise, prayer, fellowship, service and Bible study) and security of salvation increases well-being while reducing guilt.