Aside from the obvious fun and adrenalin rush that couples experience while participating in Activity-Based Marital Enrichment programs, these programs offer a profound opportunity for couples to live life together outside of the predictable humdrum ruts of relationship.

Activity-Based Marital Enrichment programs help to engage both parts of the brain that process thoughts and emotions, which ultimately help to drive the lasting changes in behavior and attitudes. This is a crucial ingredient to effective marital enrichment.

High adventure activities, like high ropes challenges, provide unique opportunities for individuals to unconsciously experience rapid eye movement, which is linked to the treatment of emotional trauma found in EMDR therapies. This is a key contributing factor in helping couples formulate new coping strategies in their relationship.

Throughout history there is evidence of God using the principles of adventure-based programming to bring about His redemptive plan for salvation. He specifically uses these concepts to engage the cognitive and emotional parts of the brain as a means of changing the attitudes and behavior of His disciples.